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  • 6 Hour Legal Terminology

    CDSS offers a 6 Hr. Legal Terminology for Non-attorneys

    This training is required for non-attorney’s to become certified as a North Carolina Superior Court mediator

    6 Hour Legal Terminology
  • 40 Hour Superior Court Training

    Numerous times per year we offer many types of training

    40 Hour Superior Court Training
  • A New Perspective

    A more relaxed setting for mediations and other services

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  • Divorce Mediation


    When children are the most important people in your divorce

    Divorce Mediation
  • Settling Your Disputes

    Carolina Dispute Settlement Services

    where settling your dispute does not have to be a trial;


    Settling Your Disputes
  • Family Law Services Accessible

    Our File It Yourself Program is the only sliding scale clinic in North Carolina, serving all 100 counties

    Family Law Services Accessible
  • When Relationships Matter

    Our services allow for cooperative conversations about difficult matters so that people are able to resolve their disputes in a peaceful manner.

    When Relationships Matter
  • Easily Accessible

    Our offices are located near the Crabtree Valley Mall

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    We offer training certified by the

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CDSS - Carolina Dispute Settlement Services

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Carolina Dispute Settlement Services new location is situated on Glenwood Avenue just off of I-440 in Crabtree Valley. This area is surrounded by shopping (including Crabtree Valley Mall to the west), restaurants, lodging, residential, the Carolina Country Club and office establishments. We are minutes away from downtown Raleigh and Glenwood South - Raleigh's trendiest district with an eclectic mix of restaurants and spirited nightlife.

We are a nonprofit Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) company offering mediation, arbitration, training, system design and an array of divorce services including family law clinic.